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Situated between Bologna, Modena and Ferrara, in a convenient location less than a kilometer from Bazzano, Villa Gandolfo is an enchanting 17th Century mansion at the heart of a beautiful tree-lined garden, immersed in lush green nature and gardens.

The history of the Villa

Villa Gandolfo, with its unique architecture and rich frescoed rooms, draws its name from its original owners, the "Odofredi Gandolfi", a noble Bolognese family of the thirteenth century originally from Savignano.
This ancient building dates back to the 17th century. Although it has been restructured and renovated over time, it's history and ancient splendour has been maintained, and still, to spend time at the Villa today is to be transported in time to its noble, antique rooms of the past.

The little church at the Villa

Our church, adjacent to the Villa, is dedicated to the Lady of the Snow. Built in 1706 it houses an eighteenth-century canvas depicting the virgin and the child adored by St. Francis of Assisi, S. Domenico and S. Emidio. Inside you can admire its vaulted ceiling with a canvas representing the figure of the Padre-Eder. Another interesting element is the gypsum plasterboard, unique of its kind, eighteenth-century statues and many bas-reliefs which adorn its walls.

For reservations or guided tours of the villa email us: info@villagandolfo.it

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